THV 11 talks to Congressman Tim Griffin

    10:34 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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    Congressman Tim Griffin

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 took the time to sit down with Congressman Tim Griffin, R-AR 2nd District, and talk about his stance on popular events and issues.


    When it comes to gun control and legislation, Congressman Griffin said he's unsure of what it will do to cut down on recent shootings.

    He talked about the shooting in California, where the shooter used a shotgun, and the tragedy in Newtown. He said some of the proposed legislation wouldn't have mattered.

    "A lot of these proposals we've seen may make people feel better, feel like we're doing something; but I don't see how they would stop a lot of stuff that's occurring."

    Griffin said he's unsure what the final legislation will look like.


    Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin told THV 11, he doesn't think Kerry will have a difficult time in the confirmation process.

    "I think that he will be confirmed easily. He's got to be confirmed by his friends in the Senate. The House won't be able to be weighing in on that, and I think he will be easily confirmed. I think he'll be far better choice than Susan Rice," he said.

    The senate is expected to vote on Kerry's confirmation, next week.


    The nation's sharp disagreements over taxes and spending are on a re-routed collision course, as Senate Democrats launch a plan that includes new taxes, and House Republicans vow to speed up their plan to balance the federal budget with spending cuts alone.

    "I was happy to support the short term deal. It's not going to be a touchdown every time in dealing with the fiscal problem. Once they lay it out, then we can have an honest debate because they aren't putting it on paper," he explained.


    Earlier this week, Nebraska's governor endorsed an alternate route through his state for the Keystone XL Pipeline

    Republican Congressman Tim Griffin said the decision to build it is a no brainer.

    "These are extraordinarily safe and environmentally friendly, and this decision that has been held up by the Obama Administration should have been made years ago," he said.

    53 senators sent President Obama a letter urging him to quickly approve the pipeline's construction.

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