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    Scotland's next big hit: Shetland ponies in sweaters

    11:22 AM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- Two Shetland ponies wearing sweaters have become a sensation. But how do you get a pony into a sweater? No sweat.

    Fasten your cardigans and prepare to say awe. These Shetland ponies really know how to fill out a sweater.

    Their names are Fivla and Vitamin. They are the new poster ponies for Scotland's tourist organization. And instantly the world has gone gaga over them. Jo Tonkinson says, "We got a phone call saying would Your ponies wear jumpers. I said I don't know why not."

    The owners sent their measurements to Doreen Brown, known for her Shetland wool knitwear. But pony dimensions are different. Brown says, "You had to work out where his legs came. And then, of course, he had a wide neck compared to a human being."

    So how do you put a cardigan on a pony? Tonkinson says, "It was just a case of putting one foot in, put the other foot in, button it up."

    Most of the buttoning was done lying on the ground, which was only possible because 17-year-old Fivla and Vitamin are so calm.

    Scottish tourism officials wanted to combine their two most famous exports Shetland ponies and Shetland knitwear. Though in the case of these pony sweaters, Tonkinson says, "They looked absolutely dreadful until they went on the ponies."

    Now we've seen a lot of critters wearing sweaters, from penguins to dogs, pigs, even turtles on the blog called "animals in sweaters." AnimalsinSweaters.tumblr.com

    At least Vitamin and Fivla weren't subjected to that. Actually horses wear covers all the time. I once dressed up in plaid to match a horse, but that was no match for these two dressed by Scottish tourism.

    How much did they have to pony up for a sweater fit for a pony? A little over $200 per horse, a bargain. Fivla and Vitamin got their sleeves dirty during the shoot, but the sweaters are hand washable. Tonkinson says, "I don't want to sound, you know, I don't want to sound insulting but the sweaters make 'em look a little fat, don't you think?"

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