16 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets at same middle school

    1:26 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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    PEMBROKE, MA (CNN/WHDH) -- At one school in the Northeast you may think you're seeing double...even triple. But could sixteen sets of twins and a set of triplets in the same grade be record-breaking?

    At first glance, these 35 smiling 12 and 13-year-old seventh graders seem typical, but take a closer look and you might swear you're seeing double. Kristen Reiser says, "I never thought a school would have so many pairs of twins or even a set of triplets. I think that's really cool."

    Principal Donna McGarrigle says, "We have 16 sets of twins and one set of triplets."

    Courtney and Kristen, Colleen and Liam, Colton and Camden, the list goes on. Camden says, "It's just kind of amazing how many twins are in one school, and how the population of the school isn't huge."

    With only 313 seventh graders, the twins and triplets make up more than 10 percent of the class, but apparently when it comes to sets of multiples they only tie the Guinness World Record. These kids though love being a part of it even without the official recognition.

    They like to goof off like any other middle school student, but as for twin pranks, the principal says if they're pulling them she doesn't know about it. Nick and Brandon say they only tricked a teacher once, it was in kindergarten and they got away with it until now.

    So you might be surprised to learn that with 35 seventh graders, twins, triplets, with all these sets of twins only three sets of them are identical.

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