TRENDING: Horsemeat found in lasagna, Spokesman 'likey Broke Girls'

    9:05 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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    Horse meat found in lasagna

    Sadly, the horse meat saga continues. Frozen-food company Findus is recalling beef lasagna meals in Sweden after tests confirmed the products contained horse meat.

    The move follows a similar recall earlier this week in Britain amid a widening scandal surrounding the use of horse meat and the mislabeling of meat products in Europe.

    In all, about 20,000 frozen lasagna meals are being recalled in Sweden. The products don't pose any food safety risk and were recalled solely because they had been mislabeled.

    Though eating horse meat is not generally a health risk, the incidents have triggered disgust in Britain and Ireland, where horse meat is not traditionally eaten. Tests on Findus lasagna showed the meals contained between 60 and 100 percent horse meat.

    Dog fetches medical attention

    Dogs have long been known to fetch things like sticks or toys, but one canine in Washington has that beat after fetching some much-needed medical treatment for its owner.

    The homeless owner attached a note to his Australian Shepherd mix, Buddy, and sent him off in a last ditch effort to seek medical attention. Written on the note was "Send help. No joke. Cannot walk." And, on the other side, "Medicine not working. Call doctor."

    The dog ran up to a woman who recognized him as belonging to a homeless man who she saw on crutches. She called 911, and luckily police were able to find him in his elaborate camp in the woods.

    The homeless man was treated at a hospital and released. He declined to give an interview, saying he just wanted to be left alone with Buddy.

    Spokesman "likey Broke Girls"

    During the Super Bowl last Sunday, Phil Hardy, an Idaho representative's spokesman, was watching a risqué add of CBS's Two Broke Girls. We really want to describe the video. You'll have to watch the video attached to this story to find out for yourself what is going on.

    Hardy represents Idaho Representative Raul Labrador, and manages his Twitter account. He accidentally tweeted "Me likey Broke Girls" on Labrador's account. The tweet lasted 14 seconds before Hardy deleted it, but the damage was done.

    Labrador fired him this week for the mistake.

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