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    City of Grambling bans saggy pants

    11:49 AM, Feb 9, 2013   |    comments
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    Saggy pants.

    Some people think those who wear them are gangster. Others think the look is ugly and offending.

    Now, the style is banned from the City of Grambling.

    As of Thursday, the Grambling City Council voted to ban saggy pants from being worn anywhere in the city.

    Grambling State University students are allowed to sag on campus but will face charges if seen off campus in saggy pants.

    On Friday, officials at the historic black college began spreading the word about this major change in hopes of encouraging students to stop the trend.

    "We have programs already in place where we make them dress up in the college of business. We have programs in the dorms where the people who dress up get money for dressing up the most in the semester. So, we have programs on campus where we are addressing the education of sagging," says Stacey Duhon, VP of Student Affairs at Grambling.

    If you are caught with saggy pants in the City of Grambling, you could face up to 15 days in jail and owe $150 plus community service.

    Grambling student body president Jonathan Allen disagrees with the ordinance.

    "Sagging definitely should not be on the city's top priority. I do believe that there are other things that Grambling needs to be worried about, and that removing sagging is not going to open a world of opportunity for the city," Allen says.

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