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    TRENDING TODAY: Leonard wins Jeopardy, Strange new dance moves

    8:43 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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    Here's a look at what's trending on the web today!

    Teen Wins Jeopardy With Risky, Entertaining Move

    A genius is in the making, and he is 17-year-old Leonard Cooper from Little Rock. The teen made it all the way to Jeopardy's teen tournament championship.

    After a tough day one of only earning $3,000, Leonard had a lot of catching up to do, and he did just that with one big gutsy move.

    After taking a commanding lead, Leonard did some math in his head for the final Jeopardy question. His answer said 'Who is some guy in Normandy? But, I just won $75,000."

    Already social media is calling it the best final answer ever. Leonard did win the tournament and the grand prize. He also is now a viral video star.

    Rubio's sip of water lights up Twitter

    Water Break was trending Tuesday night as Republican Senator Marco Rubio delivered the GOP's response to the state of the union.

    Sen. Rubio says his mouth went dry, and he figured he was better off pausing in his speech last night and taking a drink of water than if he'd continued talking and had been unable to pronounce his words.

    Thousands tweeted about the famous drink. Also you might have missed this, too, but after his Speech the President was caught giving Illinois Senator Mark Kirk a fist bump. The two even blew it up afterwards.

    'Harlem Shake' videos stir up YouTube

    A bizarre new viral video is making its rounds. It's called the Harlem Shake.

    Harlem Shake videos all follow the script of one person, often in a helmet, dancing alone in a room full of bored-looking people. Then, as the beat kicks in on the song we smash cut to the entire room going nuts in the most ridiculous ways possible and it's definitely caught on.

    Youtube said more than 12,000 videos were uploaded over the weekend through Monday.

    It's still too soon to tell if the Harlem Shake will become this year's Gangam style, but they have already garnered more than 50 million views.

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