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    Manhunt for Alberto Morales after stabbing officer during escape

    9:48 AM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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    GRAPEVINE, TX (CBS/KTVT) - A new manhunt is underway, this one across the state of Texas, after a convicted sex offender made a violent escape.

    Alberto Morales was being transferred across the country from Miami to Nevada, when he stabbed a detective guarding him Monday night in Grapevine, Texas.

    This surveillance video shows Alberto Morales escaping his Miami-Dade police escorts Monday night from a Walmart parking lot near Dallas.

    While chained at the hands and waist, he somehow managed to break off a piece of his eyeglasses and stab Detective Jaime Pardinas multiple times. Pardinas called 911.

    Morales was being transported to a prison in Nevada by Pardinas and his partner, Detective David Carrero, who was inside the Walmart at the time.

    Sgt. Patricia Bimonte with Miami-Dade police says, "He's stable but he's still in serious condition."

    The three men were originally flying to Carson City, Nevada. But they were kicked off the flight during a layover in Houston, because Morales had been disruptive. Miami-Dade police director J.D. Patterson says, "Mr. Morales was very agitated and acting very, very erratic."

    The two detectives decided to make the rest of the 1,900 mile journey on land, and were near Dallas waiting for a third detective to join them, when Morales got away. Sgt. Robert Eberling with Grapevile Police says, "This is a dangerous individual, and he's definitely demonstrated how dangerous he is by his criminal past."

    In 2003, Morales attacked two women in their Miami apartment leaving his wallet behind at the scene. Morales plead guilty to those crimes in December, and then was ordered back to Nevada, where he had already been convicted of two aggravated sexual assault charges. Eberling says, "We have a lot of police officers, federal agents, and undercover units out there. We're utilizing whatever we can to get this guy apprehended."

    Authorities think Morales is still hiding out in the Grapevine area. But they're also concerned about him possibly fleeing to Mexico, so they've alerted all border crossings to be on the lookout.

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