Questions arise over how Dorner search was handled

    8:15 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) --- Medical examiners have positively identified the body of the renegade former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner. He's the man authorities say killed four people and wounded three others in a vendetta against his old comrades.

    But many questions remain about the lengthy hunt for Dorner and why it ended in so much chaos.

    Jim and Karen Reynolds did what investigators couldn't, they found Christopher Dorner. Karen says, "He talked about how he could see Jim working in the snow." Jim says, "He said he could see me working in the snow and that was on Friday."

    That very night, last Friday, authorities held a full blown news conference so close to the condo Dorner was in, he could watch armed with assault weapons; he could have killed on national television. Big Bear resident Chace Richwine says, "A lot of us pretty much had the feeling that he was still in the area. There are so many vacant houses up here he could really be anywhere."

    San Bernardino Sheriff's Office says it searched the outside of hundreds of empty cabins but never confirmed they were actually empty. Several law enforcement agencies told CNN they offered resources to San Bernardino Sheriff's Office but were told thanks but no-thanks.

    Law enforcement officials say in the hours after Dorner abandoned and burned his truck the area should have been flooded with officers; 500 to 1,000 necessary to search so many homes and such a wide area. Tom Fuentes, former FBI Asst. Dir. says, "I was a little bit surprised last Thursday when the San Bernrdino sheriff indicated they had maybe 125, 130 officers given that they had such a large mountainous area, remote area, there were 400 residents a ski lodge with tourists. Many cabins, sheds..."

    Sergio Diaz is chief of riverside police. Detectives from his department didn't arrive in Big Bear until Monday, the day before Dorner was discovered.

    The San Bernardino Sheriff and his office have only said the area was searched and the condo in question had not been rented since Feb. 6. Two maybe three days before Dorner moved in. He tied up the Reynolds' when they discovered him on Tuesday but they managed to call 911 minutes after he left. Karen says, "We're very happy to be alive and the rest of our family is safe."

    They are lucky to be alive, but going back to that condo will never the same. Jim says, "Just get a feeling of emotion coming over me just looking at that unit and thinking about going back in."

    Two ordinary people caught up in a life or death situation; did it ever have to happen?

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