$1 million Dorner reward may not go to anyone

    9:25 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CBS) -- Dental records now confirm Christopher Dorner is the one who died in a mountain cabin, after a fire and shootout with police Tuesday. The ex-officer was wanted in four killings.

    With the police on high alert for a cop killer and a whole region nervously wondering where the next shooting might be LA's Chief of Police announced that help finding Christopher Dorner would be richly rewarded. Chief Charlie Beck says, "$1 million. This is the largest local reward ever offered to our knowledge."

    Just two days later Dorner was cornered in a fiery gun battle that came just after two separate sightings reported to police.

    Karen Reynolds with her husband Jim called 911 to report Dorner had tied them up and stolen their car; potentially making them good candidates for the money. She says, "And we didn't even think about any of that until sitting around the sheriff's station. We just kind of started joking about it."

    Another possible candidate: Rick Heltebrake. He was carjacked by Dorner and says he reported that immediately to a local sheriff's deputy. He says, "And I called him directly. He goes, 'Whatcha got, Rick?' I said, "He just took my truck.'"

    But it may not be who gets the reward, but whether anyone does. It may have been offered with a catch. Beck says, "The reward is for the capture and conviction."

    Does Dorner's death let the city off the hook? USC Law professor Dan Simon thinks not. He says, "Think so. Especially when lives are on the line, the lives of police officer. I don't think the city should hide behind legalistic terminology."

    LA's Mayor and police chief say the decision on the money rests with 20 different groups that agreed to contribute to the $1 million reward.

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