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    Suspect shot during alleged burglary attempt in Garland County

    9:17 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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    Anna Childers, 44. Photo: Garland Co. Sheriff's Dept.

    GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. (KTHV) - A homeowner said he arrived at the site of his home, which is being constructed, and found two burglars stealing supplies.

    "We never intended to shoot him," said Dr. David Brewer, homeowner and Malvern dentist.
    Dr. Brewer said he and a friend were coming to pick up an RV that burglars had broken into Saturday.

    It happened around 4:45 p.m. Sunday afternoon at a home on Vista View Point. Lt. James Martin with the Garland County Sheriff's Department says deputies received a call about a theft in progress.

    The caller indicated that the suspects in the theft, 35-year-old Michael Freeman and 44-year-old Anna Childers, were being detained. Freeman had been shot.

    "We were out there to move the RV to a place where we could get glass," said Dr. Brewer.
    He said on that night burglars stole electronics from the RV.

    Dr. Brewer said Sunday, upon their approach, they saw a man and woman loading materials onto a trailer.

    "We suspected they were up to no good," said Dr. Brewer.

    He said while dialing 911, a friend riding with him approached the suspects and a fight ensued.

    Dr. Freeman said after his friend was hit in the face by one of the suspects, Freeman, the suspect was shot in the stomach by the friend.

    "I carry a gun with me. I have a concealed permit and so he had my gun," said Dr. Brewer.

    Dr. Brewer said his friend feared for his life.

    "My friend thought he [the suspect] had a knife in his pocket and was going for it. He [Freeman] grabbed his [Friend's] hand, and he got hit, and the guy grabbed his hand and got shot," said Dr. Brewer.

    Deputies have charged Childers with Breaking and Entering and Theft of Property.
    Authorities said it is likely Freeman will face similar charges.

    Freeman's condition is unknown following an emergency surgery.

    Investigators are still interviewing the homeowner and witness. It is anticipated that once the case file is complete, it will be turned over to the prosecutor for determination of additional charges, if any.

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