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    Winners & Losers: Feb. 18, 2013

    7:04 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTL E ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- From science, to sports to philanthropy, Craig O'Neill covers it all with another session of winners and losers.

    Our first winner is Razorback basketball. Missouri had shut down the Razorbacks in the last four minutes of Saturday's game, but B.J. Young somehow found a way to make clutch baskets and free throws, and the Hogs won a clutch victory over Missouri. But it was a different story a day later and four blocks south on Razorback road.

    Yes, Razorback baseball is a loser because they went into the season ranked first in the country, and now the expectations are so high that if they lose a game, like they did Sunday at 7-5 to Western Illinois, you feel crummy. This is just the start of the season and yet the Hogs have targets on their Razor-backs.

    From ballgames now to ball gowns, the next winner is the Chocolate Fantasy Ball Saturday night at the Peabody. Over 6,000 pieces of chocolate featured in this special fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House that made close to $270,000. That's some good chocolate.

    Maybe next year they should invite some auto workers. 122,000 auto workers will share in over $750 million in bonuses, making them winners, too! Record profits for Detroit Automakers have made it all possible.

    Here's another winner out of this world--Astronomy. The meteor that streaked across the sky and is now being thought was an asteroid, in addition to meteor sightings in California and Florida, and even reports in Arkansas have made astronomy the big news maker this past week. Astronomers are space rock stars.

    But, for something flying through space that does a lot of damage, look at flu germs. They are winners because of what was discovered at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Germs can travel as far as six feet after a sneeze or cough from someone infected. It was always thought contact was the only way it could happen. Nope. Oh, and anyone who stands within six feet of an infectious sneeze is an obvious loser.

    Charlie Sheen is a winner! Yes, he sent $10,000 to help with therapy for a Florida teenager injured in an amusement park ride back in 2010. Teagan Marti is her name, and her family was best friends with Sheen's godfather. The family only asked for six, but Sheen sent ten in what was certainly a change of image.

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