Some women turning to wasp spray for self defense

    9:29 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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    ST. LOUIS, MO (CNN/KSDK) -- Some women in St. Louis are ready to point, aim and fire if faced with an attacker. But their weapon of choice isn't a gun. Instead, they're turning to a common household product to protect themselves.

    It's barely seven bucks, but it makes Joy Gridnick Christensen feel a whole lot safer. She says, She says, "And we keep it right here so if you came to the counter with the cash register I would just get this on you and zap you right in the face"

    As owner of The Fountain on Locust, she's armed all her employees with wasp spray in case of an attacker and she's not the only St. Louisan using this self defense tactic.

    South County resident Carol Dickinson hasn't left home without it since buying a can about a month ago. She says, "I keep a can of wasp spray in my car in the console where the cup holder is."

    Her friend sent her an email suggesting she try it. She says, "I can't shoot a gun but I can shoot wasp spray. Having a gun makes you have to have all sorts of other responsibilities."

    And these women say it's how the spray shoots that appeals to them. One woman says, "And it shoots farther than pepper spray so that was the advantage." Another says, "Wasp spray goes 20 feet and you can really direct it at somebody and it really brings them down."

    This woman says, "Mace you have to be a little closer and someone could actually get the mace and put it on you."

    The St. Louis County Police Department says it had not heard of this idea and says it's better to use items for their intended purpose.

    It is also against Federal law to use wasp spray for purposes other than what's listed on the can.

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