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    NJ street closed for salamander crossing

    10:37 AM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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    EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ (CBS/WCBS) -- Of course you've seen road signs for a deer crossing, and maybe even a coyote crossing. But salamanders? In East Brunswick, New Jersey, they are closing a road overnight, and motorists don't seem to object.

    Driver Scott Vandermark says, "I think it's good, protecting wildlife around here. Otherwise, people would drive right over them."

    The concern is for the spotted salamander, a five to seven-inch long amphibian that can live for 30 years. And this time of year, it crosses this road.

    Dave Moskowitz heads the Friends of East Brunswick Environmental Commission. Ten years ago, Moskowitz got officials to shut down a mile stretch of Beekman Road into South Brunswick. It's a road that separates salamanders' wooded hibernation area from their breeding pools. Before the road was closed, there was road kill. He says, "It's a huge problem, and we would have hundreds dead on the road. It was a slaughter on the road."

    The nighttime closures that began Tuesday will continue off and on for the next four to eight days, while the salamanders are making their trek.

    It's an annual thing that will continue because the little critters take the same route to the same pools every year.

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