Home break-in caught on camera

    11:14 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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    HEBER SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) -- One couple said they'll never forget the sinking feeling of coming home to find their door kicked in and their valuables taken. Luckily for them, the thief was caught on camera.

    Tom Baser bought a home surveillance system about a year ago, so he and his wife could keep tabs on their Heber Springs property while on vacation. That investment paid off Monday while they were at work.

    "And he gently opens the door," joked Tom Baser as he watched surveillance footage of a thief kicking in the door to his home in broad daylight on Monday. "He comes back around and goes back here to the back bedroom. Spends about ten minutes in there tearing stuff up and collecting what he wanted to collect."

    It took all of ten minutes for the thief to get away with his wife's jewelry, his laptop, a cross bow, a phone and a box full of valuables, and all ten minutes caught on Baser's home surveillance camera.

    The video shows the thief coming to knock on his door while the driver of the get-away car waited in the driveway. He waved the car away, kicked in the door and ransacked Baser's house. Ten minutes later, he emerged with the items and waved the car back into the driveway.

    "He's coming out, and she's pulling in the driveway. Gets in the car, they back out the driveway, leave the door open. My wife comes home about 3:30 or so and that's the way she finds it," said Baser. "We just need somebody to step up and help identify him so that the sheriff can do his job."

    Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss said with Baser's surveillance video, the task of finding the thief is much easier than other cases.

    "If someone in broad daylight will come kick a door in at a house, there's a pretty good chance he's done it before, and watching the video, this individual has convinced me he's very well versed in what he's doing," said Baser.

    He may be well-versed, but he's not an expert, Baser said. The evidence of his crime can be found on the laptop he stole.

    "Anyone that has that laptop can bring the video up and watch it. So he can watch himself break into your house. He can turn that thing on. If he can figure out how to open it up, he can watch himself," said Baser.

    Baser said this is the first time anyone has broken into his Heber Springs home. He said he would like to have the stolen items back, but right now, catching the thieves responsible is most important.

    Police say the get-away car looks like an older model maroon Buick. If you have any information about this case, you are encouraged to contact the Cleburne County Sheriff's Office.

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