Reportert covering blizzard tells it like it is: 'It sucks here'

    11:34 AM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- It's not every day that a TV reporter drops the word "sucks" and ends up getting a standing ovation for it. Blame the snow storm for the reporter keeping it real, really real.

    Sometimes the television veil is momentarily lifted, and the ever present, ever pleasant smiles come off and TV people act like they're not on TV.

    But those outbursts were uttered by anchors who thought they were safely off the air. Those were bloopers.

    What happened in the middle of a Wisconsin snowstorm falls in the category of blurted out truth. Ok, maybe it's not the profound kind of truth shouted by the anchorman in "Network".

    Angelica Duria didn't mind taking it. The 26-year-old reporter for CNN affiliate WITI in Milwaukee had been standing out in the snowstorm for hours doing live shot after live shot. She says, "I have been here since what 3:30 this morning. it is now, I don't even know what time, it is 9:45. I'm exhausted. I've run out of things to say. It is snowing and it sucks here." The anchors go nuts, clapping and give a standing ovation. One anchor says, "Angelica welcome to Real Milwaukee. Welcome to real Milwaukee."

    Most viewers loved it. The station's general manager loved it. Angelica's mother loved it. A TV critic wrote that this apparently famous weather instrument, the WITI snowstick probably blushed.

    Maybe Angelica wasn't as posh as, say, Prince Charles the time he did the weather, but at least Angelica's not getting teased like the Today Show's Al Roker did when he had what he described as a brain freeze to which some YouTuber added a soundtrack.

    Angelica was in her own Twilight Zone of ambivalence when she tweeted "Not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed of that moment. LOL"

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