Up close and personal with a baby cub and its mama

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    Photo Gallery: Up Close & Personal with Arkansas Black Bears

    Black Bear Facts

    Up to 90 percent of a bear’s diet is made up of fruits, berries, twigs, and grasses. The rest is typically made up of insects. Bears usually have very little meat in their diets.

    A female black bear (sow) may have a litter of one to five cubs. The average litter size in Arkansas is two or three cubs.

    Black bears usually mate every other year and are 3 or 4 years old before they mate.

    A sow’s gestation period is seven months.

    Cubs usually stay with their mothers until spring of their second year.

    Black bears search for dens in November and December in Arkansas.

    Arkansas black bears do not truly hibernate, although they go into a deep sleep during part of winter.

    (Source: Arkansas Game and Fish Commission)

    RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) _ On a trip into the Ozark National Forest Friday, THV 11 had an up-close look at a newborn black-bear cub and her "mama."

    Wrapped in a warm blanket, the three-pound newborn cuddled with folks who were along for the ride. The event was part of a special media tour with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

    Officers crawled into a den to get the baby bear out of the den, then worked extra hard to get the 300-pound mama bear out of the cave.

    The mama bear gave birth to the cub in January.

    "It is a healthy cub. It is a little female and hopefully it will stay with mom all summer long and go back into the den with her next year," explained Myron Means with Arkansas Game and Fish."And when we do the check next year she will have a year old, a year-ling with her."

    Means said a trip like this also lets Game and Fish monitor the reproduction activity of black bears in Arkansas. He estimates there are about 2,000 black-bears in the Ozarks right now.

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