TSA to allow small knives, bats, golf clubs on planes

    10:58 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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  • LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) -- The Transportation Security Administration, or the TSA, is lightening up on the type of things that we can bring on an airplane.

    The new moves take effect next month on April 25; they include allowing certain sports equipment, knives and bats.

    The usual on-the-go traffic rumbled through the security lines Wednesday at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. Many routine travelers have seen a lot of changes since Sept. 11, and now it's time for more.

    The changes on the way to the security lines have to do with new items that passengers will soon be able to bring aboard the plane. They include smaller pocket knives, like these pictured here in this link. We showed it to some travelers to get some reaction.

    "I have no concerns about it at all. I think people generally have common sense. These don't look like they're going to be used by a terrorist," Margie Raimondo said.

    "I think it's kind of ridiculous considering that you can't bring on shampoo and a lot of liquids, but you can bring on knives on the plane," Rebecca Bryant said.

    "I don't understand the point. It's a knife. It's a weapon. I just don't see why it's necessary to have it on a plane," Cedric McKoy said.

    Along with those smaller knives, there are certain kinds of sports equipment that you can soon take through security. It includes pool sticks, golf clubs, hockey sticks and ski poles.

    "People carry those things to their destinations. I don't think it's a real threat to us," Raimondo said.

    "If you're carrying golf clubs, they're not going to really fit in the overhead anyway so that shouldn't be a problem--same thing with skis, they'll be underneath," McKoy said.

    "One of my friends told me this was all happening, and I didn't believe her until I saw this," said Bryant, referring to the TSA documents that THV 11 showed her with the changes.

    One other item on the allowable carry-on list is novelty baseball bats. Those--along with the smaller pocket knives--all have specific size criteria. Click here for a TSA report on the specifics.

    A TSA spokeswoman referred THV 11 to a statement saying the agency established a review committee to look at its prohibited items, and the committee determined that it would not be a risky move to take some of them the items off the list.

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