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    Gadgets to help you wake up for Daylight Saving

    7:39 AM, Mar 7, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Daylight Saving Time is Sunday. It comes early again this year, so it will likely sneak up on people.

    But, AT&T has some helpful apps and accessories to help people deal with the hour of sleep they will lose when we "spring forward".

    Director of Sales, Scott Wottle, joined us this morning to show us some fun gadets!

    1. GEAR4 Renew SleepClock, Sleep Monitor & Management System for iOS ($129)
    • Monitors sleep based on breathing patterns
    • Will wake you up at an optimized time based on a time frame you provide
    • No bands, no wires, and no monitors to wear

    2. iHome Alarm Clock Dock ($127.50)
    • Remote controlled
    • Speakerphone built in to take conference calls
    • Dock can fit the iPad even with a case on
    • Bluetooth connection for streaming music
    • Wake up to playlists, radio, or custom alarms

    3. iHome iC50 SmartDesign Alarm Clock Speaker for Android ($44.25)
    • Compatible with just about any device with a micro-usb plug
    • Works with iHome Sleep alarm app (free Android Market download)
    • FM Alarm Clock Radio

    4. Fitbit One ($99)
    • Wear this when you're sleeping to keep track of how well you slumber
    • Monitors sleep patterns based on movement
    • Gives you a sleep score
    • Vibrating alarm wakes you without waking your partner

    5. Dream Analysis App:
    iDream - Dream Interpreter and Journal (FREE)
    • Has thousands of dream meanings: from abandonment to zebra
    • Every type of dream is covered with this application
    • Features include a browse function where dreams are ordered alphabetically and the most user friendly search function
    • Also, to help you unlock your subconscious iDream has included a journal for you to write down your dreams
    • To help you understand your dream faster, iDream automatically hyperlinks keywords in your journal which you can click on to find an interpretation

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