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    Cute video: Adorable sea lion hops aboard diver's kayak

    10:29 AM, Mar 14, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- A sea lion pup is making waves for stowing away on a kayak while a seal tries to get aboard a windsurf board. These two creatures were caught catching free rides.

    Rick Coleman's not afraid to go diving at night off the California coast but look what does scare him; a baby sea lion jumping unexpectedly onto his kayak. He says, "You can hear my scared reaction and then he immediately kind of melts my heart."

    Not only was the sea lion pup a stowaway, it wouldn't go away. Even when he nudged it with his paddle, he got off but less than 10 seconds later he was back.

    This time he stayed. The pup had a scuffmark on him. Coleman says, "You immediately think there is a shark after him and is that a shark bite on his behind?"

    But animal rescue experts say it's more likely the pup was just cold.

    The sea lion wasn't the only pup trying to climb aboard. In another case, a windsurf board a thousand miles or so up the coast near Seattle, Washington. This seal pup couldn't make it up. And when he did make it, he slipped off the other side or got a hostile reception from the others.

    The windsurf board's owner, Ethan Janson, had mounted a go pro camera that caught the action. The pup finally ended up nose to butt with the unfriendly pup.

    Back at the kayak, the sea lion stayed aboard for the entire 20 minute paddle to shore, then sat on a rock and finally swam away. At least he didn't scream bloody murder.

    Seals yelling like humans have now replaced goats yelling like humans as the yell heard round the internet.

    This is the second video Rick's posted that became famous on YouTube. The last one was a blue whale encounter a year and a half ago. Coleman says, "Some say I'm an animal magnet."

    He then jumped in and shot video of the whale underwater.

    Comparisons are being made between the life of Rick and the life of pi. One's stuck in a boat with a sea lion pup, the other's stuck with a tiger.

    By the way, they say a sea lion's bite can be 10 times worse than a pit bull's. No bull. We're not lyin'.

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