10 ways to extend your phone's battery life

    5:49 AM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It really doesn't matter what kind of smart-phone you rely on for work or play, the more these pocket-sized computers can do, the more pressure it can put on the battery.

    We've found 10 ways to extend your smart-phone's battery from Yahoo! Shopping's Digital Craze blog.

    Dim the screen - This can be found in the Options or Settings menu. You'll get used to the dimmer screen after a while.

    Turn off radios you don't use - This includes Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and Wi-Fi. Put your phone into "airplane mode" to save battery.

    Turn off push notifications - If you can, turn off "push" services or reduce the frequency in which you ask your smart-phone to receive new information. Instead, choose to pull-down messages when you need to.

    Wi-Fi is better than cellular - If you are trying to access stuff online, use a local Wi-Fi source rather than your phone's connectivity if you can. This is less taxing on your battery.

    Demanding tasks require more battery - Things like watching videos or playing games for extended periods of time can wear down on your battery. Multi-tasking such as listening to music and surfing the web can be hard on it as well.

    Remember to lock it - You'll still be able to receive calls and texts, but you aren't accidentally turning on the phone when it's in your pocket or purse because you hit a button.

    Make sure the app is closed - Be sure to properly close apps when you're not using it as they still might be running in the background and thus, using up power. With iPhone, for example, double-tap the Home button and you'll see open apps at the bottom of the screen.

    Software updates - Be sure you download the latest software updates as smart-phone engineers are always trying out new ways to improve power management.

    Room temperature is best - Don't keep your phone in hot or cold temperatures, as both could prematurely drain your battery. Ideally, smart-phones work best 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Extra batteries - Some phones have fitted battery packs to extend their life, almost doubling it in some cases. You can get a portable battery that plugs into your phone via USB cable if you need it. Also keep your battery going longer by letting it die completely at least once a month to fully charge all of the ions inside.

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