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    16-year-old turns self in for the murder of William Roby

    10:01 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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    Video: 16-year-old arrested in Pine Bluff murder

    • Victim William Roby (Photo: Pine Bluff Police Department)

    PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KTHV) - A 16-year-old boy is in custody in Pine Bluff after police said he shot and killed his own friend over the weekend.

    Police are still investigating a motive in this case but are not releasing the teen's name because he's a juvenile. They said he has a current address in North Little Rock, and the teen turned himself in on Monday with his parents.

    Patrick Glass currently lives with his grandmother in Pine Bluff. Her house is right across from where the shooting happened Sunday evening along the 3000 block of Ash Street.

    "Just one shot, no follow-up, no screams, no noises before, no vehicles roaring in or roaring off," Glass said.

    Glass gathered all of this from inside the home. A look outside later revealed, "four guys gathered around one person on the ground, and [they] were trying to help him up, moving him around a little bit," she recalled.

    Pine Bluff Police said that the person on the ground was 22-year-old William Roby, Jr. Police said he was shot in the upper body allegedly by a friend.

    "According to the witnesses, they did know each other. They were friends, and there was some kind of disagreement that led to this," Lt. Denise Richardson said, but he did not know what the disagreement was about.

    Lt. Richardson said Roby and the alleged shooter actually spent the day together with other friends as part of a regular Sunday gathering. It all ended later with a fire station just a few doors down and police and neighbors wondering why.

    "We have a youthful offender, and a very young victim. It is hard for the community," Lt. Richardson said.

    "To think that someone in his age bracket has access to guns and has no issue of pulling the trigger against another human being, it doesn't make any sense," Glass said.

    THV 11's Max Seigle did speak off-camera with one man at the listed address where this all went down. He said the shooting happened outside the property, but he was inside at the time. He couldn't say for sure why it happened.

    The 16-year-old alleged shooter is currently at the juvenile detention center in Pine Bluff. Lt. Richardson said that police have not yet recovered the gun he allegedly had.

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