Bald Knob woman collects prom dresses for less fortunate teens

    11:38 PM, Mar 24, 2013   |    comments
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    BALD KNOB, Ark. (KTHV) --  Prom gowns collecting dust in closets are now getting put to good use.

    Hanger after hanger of nearly 400 gowns of silk, lace and rhinestone has a memory attached to each one.

    It's those memories Cinderella Closet founder Tawny Wire says she holds onto while giving out prom dresses to high school girls for free.

    "It was something no one felt we really had a need for until we brought it up and then girls started pouring in that couldn't afford to go to prom because they couldn't afford to buy a dress."

    Wire says she collects, fits and gives prom dresses to area girls who can't afford one. She runs the operation out of her home in Bald Knob.

    "They are so appreciative and so happy they get to go. I've had girls come borrow a dress from me the day before prom when the whole time they've been bummed out because they wouldn't have been able to go."

    The financial burden of the evening can be too much for some families.

    Wire says she remembers back to a time when her mom struggled to afford a dress for her senior prom.

    "I rented a dress. My mom payed for and rented a dress for me. She was a single parent and it really put a bind on our family for such an expense."

    Each donated gown White says gives girls unlimited options without the price tag.

    "If someone comes in for a fitting we'll fit them; set them up with shoes and a dress that looks really good on them and they can choose whatever they like and they get the dress for two weeks at a time."

    Wire says prom night is an event she wants every high school student to experience, no matter their financial situation.

    "The best part of this is knowing that when someone hands me a dress I can stick it on that rack and in the next five years it's going to go to prom five times and that's five people who didn't have to pay a thousand dollars for a prom dress to go to prom."

    Wire works with 11 school districts throughout Cleburne and White counties to get prom dresses out to girls who can't afford one.

    If you are interested in donating a dress or are high school student in need of a dress, you may contact Tawny Wire at 501-283-2130.

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