Missouri father leaves son at fire station

    8:54 AM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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    KANSAS CITY, MO (CBS/KCTV) -- Alisha Latimore was more than surprised when department of family services called her Monday.

    She say, "She said we have Donald Collier and I'm like 'Donald?! Is he okay?'"

    Six-year-old Donald Collier Junior's father dropped him off at this fire station near 34th and The Paseo telling firefighters he couldn't care for the boy.

    Latimore says the father was suppose to have Donald Junior through spring break but has been known to have issues staying in the boy's life. She says, "He's only there when he wants to be around not when little Donald Junior needs him to be around."

    Larimore does not have a formal custody arrangement with the boy's father but this ordeal isn't making her think differently. He says, "I'm a true believer of my mama and my dad in my life and that's what I want for my son. It hurts me that a parent would do a child like that."

    It's a struggle that makes Latimore so emotional, she had to stop the interview. Latimore says, "He deserves both his parents....period point blank."

    But for now, she's relieved little Donald is home safe, unaware for the most part of the fight only remembering the fire station he visited earlier this week.

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