Little Rock ranks 11th for worst cities to live in with allergies

    8:22 PM, Apr 8, 2013   |    comments
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    Video: Tips for surviving a bad pollen season

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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Spring is in the air, but unfortunately so is the pesky pollen. The spring 2013 forecast looks like a long one for the Natural State.

    Little Rock recently ranked 11th on a list of the worst 100 cities to live in with allergies. It's the unique location of Arkansas to thank. Periods of rain come through, quenching plants and trees, but then the weather follows up with dry, windy days to stir up the allergens.

    Dr. Eddie Shields from the Arkansas Allergy and Asthma clinic said these conditions can combine for a "pollen storm." The Allergy and Immunology expert also said the coming months aren't looking pretty.

    Stuffy nose, itchy watery eyes, drainage in the back of your throat ,or a cough are all signs of spring allergies. Over the counter medicine or even allergy shots could be exactly what you need.

    Ways to avoid the pollen pain include staying inside as much as possible and showering after being outside.

    If the ache from allergies moves to your chest, Dr. Shields recommends you see a physician. Sometimes Allergies can worsen to asthma and people typically need prescribed inhalers to get back to feeling better.

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