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    Disappearing act: Suspect swallows stolen ring

    10:26 AM, Apr 16, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- An engagement ring swallowed by a suspected thief has now re-emerged as evidence. It appears this diamond really is forever. And now you can bid on it.

    The diamond ring went down the hatch as if it were a peanut. David Bellman president of Bellman Jewelers says, "The way he swallowed it was like no big deal, he just went like pop."

    Ronald Perley, 52, had come into Bellman's jewelry shop in Manchester, New Hampshire asking to see engagement rings. But when handed one, he bolted for the door only to find he was locked in.

    And when the saleswoman said "We want the ring", he swallowed it. Bellman says, "He says 'What ring?' like a magician almost."

    Police arrived within minutes. Next stop, the hospital. Police had to ask a judge for a search warrant so they could x-ray the suspect. That x-ray is now evidence.

    But jewelry store owner David Bellman says the ring was "clear as day." Probably looked a bit like this x-ray from a book called "Stuck Up: 100 Objects Inserted and Ingested in Places They Shouldn't Be."

    Instead of being plugged in an outlet, there's a cord in some guy's rear socket. There's been an eggbeater, Christmas lights, even a Barbie doll. Swallowed items range from a razor to a crack pipe.

    And who could forget the bank robber who swallowed the alleged holdup note. At least that had fiber.

    It took the stolen engagement ring a little more an 24 hours to resurface. Bellman says, "I guess at some point on Saturday morning he pulled one of the guards aside and said I'm ready to produce the evidence."

    Police brought it over for bellman to identify. The $3,200 plastic price tag was still attached.

    So what do you do with a ring that survived digestion? Bellman says, "We're going to auction it off for charity."

    The puns have been unpardonable. We know because we're guilty of punning against an engagement ring that may never lead to "I do."

    Perley has been charged with felony theft and falsifying evidence.

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