TRENDING: Ad campaigns strike a chord with viewers; 7-year-old gets a trading card

    9:48 PM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Here's a look at what's trending today on the web!

    Report: Powerful gun control PSAs spark controversy

    A striking new series of PSAs produced by the organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has surfaced.

    The first ad released this week shows two children. One is holding an illustrated version of Little Red Riding Hood, and the other child holding an assault weapon. The ad then asks viewers to guess which has been banned in the name of children's safety.

    The group said they plan on releasing similar ads later this week--one with a dodge ball and another with a type of candied egg.

    The group said they are not advocating an all out ban on guns but rather a middle ground solution, such as required background checks and a ban on assault weapons and magazines of more than 10 rounds.

    Dove Real Beauty Sketches

    Another ad campaign is addressing women's distorted views of their ownself-image

    The new beauty campaign by cosmetics brand Dove has gone viral in the past few days. In the ad, FBI trained forensic artist Gil Zamora explores the way women talk about their own appearance.

    Zamora then provides a sketch without ever seeing the women. He draws only using the details they give him. Afterwards he then has each woman describe another participant.

    When each woman was presented with the two sketches, one was built up from their own description and the other produced via the eyes of a perfect stranger, the results were pretty compelling.

    The women were stunned by their own descriptions in comparison to others.

    Dove officials hope this campaign shows that women are their own worst beauty critics and that we are all more beautiful than we think.

    Photo: Jack Hoffman Upper Deck trading card

    One special story just keeps getting better. Upper Deck, which is best known for its production of baseball cards, announced Tuesday that it will release a special Star Rookie trading card to honor a 7-year-old cancer patient.

    Jack Hoffman, brought 60,000 fans to their feet when he took a handoff 69 yards for a touchdown in Nebraska's spring football game.

    The team has taken Hoffman in, who has now formed his own Team Jack organization, benefiting children of all ages battling cancer.

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