Pres. Obama to visit Boston interfaith service for victims

    8:52 AM, Apr 18, 2013   |    comments
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    BOSTON, MA (CBS) -- President Obama will be in Boston this morning to attend an interfaith service for victims of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Their visit comes just as authorities are moving closer toward releasing photos that could show the person who placed the bombs.

    The scene of the second bomb that went off during Monday's Boston Marathon may give us our first look at the suspected bomber. Sources tell CBS News that security cameras at a Lord and Taylor store captured a man leaving a bag in the area just before the blast.

    The man is described as a young white man, seen carrying a backpack, and talking on a cell phone. Sources say he was wearing a black jacket, a grey hoodie, and white baseball cap, turned backwards on his head. Just after the first bomb went off, the suspect left the scene. Moments later, the second bomb detonated.

    Investigators are also looking into cell phone records, hoping to match one of those calls to the man seen in the video. Wife of bomb victim Karen Odom says, "There were people with their clothes burning off."

    Karen Odom and her husband, John, felt the first blast while waiting for their daughter Nicole to finish the marathon. The bomb tore through John's legs. Karen says, "My husband kept saying, 'my leg, my leg.' And then, the second explosion hit."

    Nicole and the other runners were stopped just before the finish line. She says, "All I knew, is that my family was at the finish line. So I just started running and trying to find everybody."

    Karen Odom says her husband is recovering, but is still unable to speak. She says she's received support from family, and strangers. She says, "We were sitting in the waiting room yesterday, and strangers were coming up to us and saying, 'We are just so sorry.'"

    About a third of those injured in the attack remain in the hospital.

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