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    Farmers and nurseries prepare for late-season frost

    10:53 PM, Apr 19, 2013   |    comments
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    SCOTT, Ark. (KTHV) -- A frost advisory is in effect for parts of Arkansas overnight. The late-season frost comes two-weeks after the state typically experiences its last frost. On average April 8 is the final frost for central Arkansas.

    Jody Hardin, co-owner of Hardin Farms and Market, is preparing for below average temperatures on his farms in Scott and Grady, Ark. On Friday, Hardin's staff loaded their greenhouse full of tropical plants and ferns that were just shipped to the farm last week.

    Hardin said they already have corn in the ground at their farm in Grady, and if the frost reaches that far south, they will have to re-plant.

    "We have about 5 acres of sweet corn that's up about 3 inches, and we're sure a frost tonight will kill all of it. All over the delta, corn is up about 3 to 5 inches and a good frost tonight could devastate the corn crop," he explained.

    The 5th generation farmer said he took his 95-year-old grandfather's advice and held off on planting anything else.

    "Grandpa told us the frost-freeze date was April 16, so we waited and then we saw the forecast, and so we're waiting a couple of more days, but we're going to roll it out as soon as tomorrow probably."

    Hardin said spring flowers also need attention.

    "They really need to bring their plants in tonight. This is a good night. A little frost will kill the blooms."

    Hardin said the most sensitive vegetation is produce items like, peppers, tomatoes and okra. Those plants need to be either covered or brought indoors.

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