Boston bombing victim Krystal Campbell laid to rest

    10:09 AM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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    MEDFORD, MA (CNN) -- One of the victims of last week's bombings in Boston will be buried Monday. At the wake for 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, even friends of the family had to wait in line for hours.

    The police escorted the Campbell family out of the funeral home after a long and emotional day. High school classmate Danny Merrill says, "They're upset. All the friends are there for the family. Everyone's coming together, you know, to make sure the family's doing well."

    The support this family is receiving is amazing with lines stretching around the block. People worried about Krystle Campbell's mother. Giovanna Guarino says, "I hope God's gonna give her a lot of strength to her and the family."

    The wake for Krystal Campbell, killed in the terrorist bombing on marathon Monday, went an hour long. As daylight gave way to moonlight, a four hour wake turned into five. The family stayed until everyone had a chance to come in, Medford Police officers brought up the rear. Family friend Robert Phillips says, "The line was so long. I was actually in line for three hours."

    Campbell died in the marathon bombing a few weeks shy of her 30th birthday. The program at her wake shows pictures just as people remember her, with that radiant smile. Phillips says, "She's so vibrant. She was properly named Krystle. She just...Great, positive attitude. Always put everyone in a great mood.

    Krystal was a restaurant manager - most recently in Andover. Some of the waitresses who worked with her came to the wake. Coworker Erin Monroe says, "She was very excited to have Monday off. It was sad. We found out through the media, ourselves, so it's been a hard week."

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