Mormon bishop pulls samurai sword on alleged attacker

    8:12 AM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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    MILLCREEK, UT (CNN) -- There's a Mormon bishop in Utah you don't want to mess with. When someone attacked a neighbor, the black belt martial arts instructor jumped into action with a samurai sword!

    Kent Hendrix, an LDS bishop, is a black belt martial arts instructor, whose weapon of choice is his sword. He says, "This is the first time I've ever drawn my sword."

    He never had to until this morning, this hectic, straight out of a movie morning, that starts with Kent's teenage son banging on the door. He says his son said, "Dad, dad, somebody's getting mugged in front of our house."

    Across Claybourne Ave., next-door neighbors wake up to a man attacking a resident. Uniformed police say 37-year-old Grant Eggertsen knocks down his former coworker, tries to steal her keys and enter hour house. Kent says, "I heard that she was saying 'Don't hurt me, don't hurt me, call 911, call 911.'"

    An older neighbor springs into action. Kent says, "She had a little baseball bat and she ended up whacking him a good one."

    And then Kent steps in. Kent's wife Suzanne says, "And goes running down the street and my husband's in his bare feet, with his sword, running behind him."

    During the chase Eggertsen apparently loses his Chapstick on his way to his car. Kent says, "I said 'Ha! I have your DNA and I have your license plate! You are done.'"

    Eggertsen turns himself into police to be charged with trespassing, attempted burglary, robbery, and violation of a stalking injunction. Meanwhile, neighbors in a typically quiet Millcreek area pat each other on the back, thankful their neighbor is now safe and the culprit is behind bars.

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