Imunique Ruiz, mother of hit-and-run victim, Jaylen Diggs, speaks out

    10:11 PM, Apr 24, 2013   |    comments
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    • Jaylen Diggs.

    SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) - THV 11 dug into this case because it's been more than a month since the boy was hit by a car at the family's apartment complex, and there are still no arrests and charges.

    Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegly said he hasn't even seen the case yet, and that's not sitting well with the boy's mother.

    "It's hard. His birthday is on Tuesday. We're celebrating his 4th birthday, having a little barbeque," Imunique Ruiz said.

    Ruiz lost her 3-year-old son Jaylen Diggs after a hit-and-run at a Sherwood apartment complex in March.

    "After he passed, they gave me his last hand and foot print," Ruiz said.

    She has since moved into a family home.

    "The incident happened right down the walkway to my apartment, and every time I got in and out my vehicle, I just looked, and I could picture him lying on the ground," Ruiz said.

    She got away from the scene but not the case.

    "I call every week--twice a week to detectives, the prosecutors' office," Ruiz said.
    Sherwood Police said that they know who drove the car that hit Jaylen, but they're waiting for prosecutors to make the call on charges.

    Via email Wednesday, Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley said that he hasn't seen the case yet and claims there's no hold-up. He said it just takes time.

    "I feel like something should have already been done more because he's an infant. He's a baby. He was innocent. He hadn't done much," Ruiz said.

    She's a frustrated mother seeking justice for her child. He's remembered now in pictures, those hand and foot prints, and in a younger brother that Ruiz said reminds her of Jaylen when he was that age.

    "It's him all over again. The things that he does [is what] his brother did," Ruiz said.

    Jaylen's mother also told THV 11 that she feels this was simply an accident and just wants whoever did this to come forward and just admit they made a mistake.

    She said when all of this first happened, her son was inside their apartment with his grandma, but he managed to get outside because he wanted to play.

    For his upcoming birthday on Tuesday, the family plans to let balloons go in the air in his honor.

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