Cell phone app helps rescue baby ducklings

    9:39 AM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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    WINDSOR, ONTARIO (CNN) -- A cell phone app is getting the credit for saving two ducklings. The babies fell into a storm drain in Windsor, Ontario. The rescue was all thanks to a quick-thinking resident.

    Residents in the South Windsor neighborhood awoke to fowl noise coming from a concerned mother. Resident Michael Williams says, "After the mother duck started to head down the street, me and this other gentleman on a bike heard ducklings in the sewer."

    Two babies were trapped dangerously close to getting washed away in the city's pipe system. So Michael Williams called for help.

    Armed with an old fashioned net, city workers initiated the rescue. But the ducks were afraid and wanted nothing to do with the workers. So George Thomas tried a little sweet talk. They didn't bite. Then Williams got an idea.

    He says, "I figured there must be an app for that, so I went inside, grabbed the iPhone, looked up the app and sure enough there was a free duck call app."

    Now they were talking. It was an old fashioned rescue with a new age twist. Thomas says, "Eventually, they just showed their heads and away we were."

    Like water off a duck's back, the rescuers named today's catch Donald and Daffey.

    And, with the ducklings safely above ground, neighbors hope they were able to reunite with their family.

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