Wife loses 100 pounds while husband deployed

    8:33 AM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
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    WILMINGTON, NC (CNN/WECT) -- Vets returning home from military duty expect to see some changes in their families. But one Army specialist from North Carolina found an amazing transformation when he and his wife were reunited.

    Army Specialist Larry Shaffer, 27, returned from a year in Afghanistan to an incredible welcome home surprise: his wife had lost 100 pounds while he was away. He says, "When I saw her at the airport I was in shock when I saw her...no way that's my wife I left a year ago!'

    Misty Shaffer went from 254 pounds to 150 pounds in twelve months and her husband had no idea what she was up to. She says, "I was like I'm going to keep this a surprise from him cause he never has seen me like this."

    Misty lost 15 pounds within the first two months eating healthy foods and keeping her portions under control. She says, "When he was gone I was like I'm going to try this and with not having him here and eating ice cream and all that stuff, I was like I can do this."

    She only sent photos from her shoulders up and he couldn't tell until he met her at the airport last week. He says, "Out of five years married, I haven't been this long without seeing her and I come home and she's telling me she's losing all this weight and she is now half the person, words can't describe, pretty amazing."

    Larry also got another amazing gift, a reunion with his 3-year-old daughter Nevaeh who he hadn't seen over a year. And while Larry couldn't recognize the new misty, their daughter Nevaeh can't recognize the old misty. Misty says, "She does look at pictures of me and she'll be like 'Mommy who's that?' and I'll be like, 'That's mommy' and she'll be like 'Uh, no' and I'm like yes baby really."

    But her transformation wasn't misty's only gift to her husband she also surprised Larry with a new home. And he says he's proud of how she's managed while he was away. He says, "She kept the weight loss and house pretty much away from me for the past year so I know she's pretty much able to face anything."

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