TRENDING: Celebs show support for Okla.; Mom punishes daughter with thrift store finds

    9:53 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Take a look at what's trending on the web today!

    Celebs who are OK natives on tragedy

    Oklahoma celebrities are reacting to Monday's deadly tornado. The Hanson brothers sent a word of encouragement to their fellow Oklahomans. Also, Oklahoma natives, actress Alfre Woodard and country singers Vince Gill, Toby Keith, and Reba McEntire are showing their support to those hit by Monday's deadly tornado.

    Brad Pitt: I was on drugs, 'wasting my life' during marriage to Jennifer Aniston

    Brad Pitt opened up about his past drug abuse in an interview with Esquire Magazine. The 49-year-old actor said he felt drug use had ruined him. That's before Pitt had what he called an epiphany and made a quote "conscious change" in his life. The magazine is expected to hit newstands next week.

    Jacqueline Walters, daughter of journalist Barbara Walters, charged with DUI in Fla., police say

    We all know who Barbara Walters is, but her daughter is who's trending on the web. Florida police arrested 44-year-old Jacqueline Danforth on DUI charges Sunday. This came after police responded to reports of an SUV being driven without headlights in Naples. Danforth allegedly hit and shouted at cops when they arrested her.

    Kid wears thrift shop clothes as punishment for bullying

    One mom is using thrift store fashions to teach her kid why it's not cute to tease people. When a Utah mother found out her fourth grader was bullying a kid because of the clothes she wore, she headed to a thrift store to teach her child a lesson. 10-Year-old Kaylee's wardrobe was replaced with outfits her mom picked out at the thrift shop, hoping she'd see what it's like to spend a day in someone else's shoes.

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