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    Egypt scientist designs bug-repellant fabric

    11:45 AM, May 27, 2013   |    comments
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    CAIRO, EGYPT (CNN) -- In Egypt, the hot summer can mean lots of bugs. Bet many wish there was some way to keep those tiny creatures away. Well, one man in Egypt has created just that, a fabric that essentially tells bugs to buzz off.

    They are tiny insects but giant pests; six legs, four wings, and a thirst for human blood.

    A shrill and maddening buzz is the first sign of trouble. Then comes the attack! You can swat them and smack them but when mosquitoes attack, humans often run for cover.

    Those pesky mosquitoes can be dangerous too when they carry disease like malaria, dengue fever and the west Nile virus.

    But in Egypt mosquitoes may have finally met their match in this man: Mohamed Hesham is a PhD in textile chemistry and self proclaimed enemy of bugs.

    Hesham says his hatred of bugs inspired him and his team at the Egyptian government's national research center to make Egypt's first ever insect repellent material designed to make any bug buzz off! He says, "If they stay for a long they can be knocked out or they die. So if they're exposed to it for too long they can be knocked out or they can be killed?!They will be killed."

    But this cloth is infused with what scientists call a natural and environment friendly plant extract that chases bugs away. We tried to find out what the chemical is but Hesham wouldn't budge. He says, "What do you put in it? It's a secret. We have a patent and we have to protect the patent."

    Mosquitoes love honey. At a government lab they tried to lure mosquitoes to fly to the insect repellent cloth by putting honey behind the fabric. The bloodsuckers didn't go near it.

    Hesham says similar insect repellent clothing is available in the west but now that Egypt has its own, regional manufacturers can buy the design for much less and start making bug repellent clothes. He says there are also plans for the Egyptian armed forces to use the fabric.

    If successful, it's a small victory for mankind in a never ending war with mosquitoes.

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