American mom released from Mexico jail, drug charges dropped

    10:59 AM, May 31, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CBS) -- An American mother of seven has been released from a Mexican jail. She had spent nine days behind bars, falsely accused of smuggling 12 pounds of marijuana that was found under her bus seat.

    Yanira Maldonado hugged her husband and screamed for joy after she was released from a Mexican jail at the Arizona border. Maldonado and her husband missed their wedding anniversary during the nine days she was behind bars.

    The couple was returning to Arizona from a funeral when officers at a military checkpoint found 12 pounds of marijuana under Yanira's bus seat.

    Charges were finally dropped and Maldonado was set free after security video showed the couple boarding the bus carrying only blankets, water, and Yanira's purse.

    The Mormon mother of seven says whoever stashed the drugs under her seat should repent and live more honestly. She says, "Find a decent job where they can make a living not putting innocent people through a nightmare like they did to me and my family."

    Maldonado says she has no hard feelings toward Mexican officials; she even hugged one of the jail officers, and thanked her for treating her well. She says, "It's not Mexico's fault. Its a few people who did this to me, and probably other people, who knows?"

    Maldonado's husband says a man who was sitting behind his wife on the bus, ran away during the checkpoint inspection. He says that man was probably the real drug smuggler.

    Maldonado's husband says police originally arrested him, and tried to shake the couple down for $5,000. They plan to return to Mexico.

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