Crazy Video: Runaway sea lion, explosive missile test, impressive building implosion

    10:21 AM, Jun 10, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) - Take a look at this.

    He's no Shamu but the mischievous sea lion in the video was the highlight of one family's trip to Sea World. To the delight of kids watching, he managed to jump from some rocks out of his enclosure and make a break for it down the visitors walkway, zookeepers managed to capture the little guy and put him safely back in his home.

    It took 200 lbs. of dynamite to bring down an 11-story building on Governor's Island in New York. Check it out in the video above.


    This was no game of Battleship for the Norwegian Navy but a test of their new long-range stealth missile. They fired the 880 lb. "Naval Strike Missile" at one of their own ships. The decommissioned ship was of course crewless and heavily damaged.

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