Good Video: Animals with their heads stuck in funny places

    8:13 AM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) - A deer stuck in a bag, a deer stuck in a jar, a kitty stuck in a hole...this is the story of critters in over their heads.

    Recently, a sheriff's deputy on patrol spotted a deer at the side of the road after midnight down in the Florida Keys.
    "I suspect that the deer was just trying to get to that last Dorito in the bag."

    The animal was passive as the deputy pulled off the bag and then it scampered away.

    "(You can) save all the lives in the world and nobody pays attention...and then you rescue a bag from a deer's head and it's all over the country," the deputy said.

    Then there was another deer in Minnesota who could see, but it couldn't eat or drink. It kept showing up in Janet Murphy's yard with its head stuck in a plastic jar.

    Janet turned for help to an animal rescue organization called wildwoods.
    "They showed her how to use a catch pole, sort of like what a dog catcher uses," she explained.

    Then there was a kitty in Oregon who was found with her head stuck in a hole under an air conditioning unit.

    "When she was tranquilized and relaxed we were able to push her back through the hole," her helper said. "We had to jimmy a rope around her to kind of pull her down to a bigger hole."

    The humane society of Central Oregon theorizes the kitty panicked and tried to escape through the hole when the air conditioning unit kicked on.

    "We had to jimmy a rope around her to bring her down to a bigger hole."

    When they finally popped her out; she was uninjured.

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