Kroger will no longer accept double couponing, leaving shoppers with mixed feelings

    7:50 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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    Kroger armed robbery suspect (Photo: Little Rock Police Department)

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The Delta Division of Kroger, which includes West Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Southern Missouri and Southwest Kentucky, has announced the launch of an exciting new price campaign.

    Beginning June 26, Kroger's Delta Division will lower prices on thousands of items, including those in grocery, produce, organics, natural foods and general merchandise. The price cuts will bring a change when it comes to couponing. 

    "Sometimes I have maybe $30 in coupons," said Nancy King.

    They have become a popular way for many shoppers to save money. And several stores, like Kroger, have a double coupon program providing double the savings.

    "That's one reason I like shopping here, because they do double," she added.

    On Monday, Kroger announced a new lower price campaign that would reduce prices on thousands of products, but that does not come without an adjustment. As a result of the new campaign, the company has decided to discontinue its double coupon program for manufacturer coupons.

    "I think it's really not a good thing," said Rosemarie Atherton. "Most elderly people barely have barely enough to get by, especially on social security."

    Atherton is a shopper who uses coupons for several purchases and thinks the discontinuation of the program will negatively affect many shoppers looking for small savings that make a huge difference in their wallets, but not all shoppers feel the same way.

    "This is our favorite store, so we'll always shop here," said another shopper.

    When asked why the new campaign comes with such a major change, Kroger issued this comment, saying:

    "We recognize this change might be an inconvenience for some shoppers who relied on the double coupons, but we feel lowering thousands of prices on everyday products will provide more value for all customers."

    Despite the promise to make sure cuts are made across the board, some shoppers are a bit hesitant in believing what they hear.

    "If you want the truth, I doubt it," said one shopper.

    "I don't know," added Atherton. "So far, anytime somebody says they cut back on prices, I haven't seen it."

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