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    Gabrielle Giffords fires gun for first time

    7:37 AM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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    LAS VEGAS, NV (CNN) -- Gun in hand, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords takes the gun-control fight to Nevada. The visit is part of a multi-state tour advocating for universal background checks.

    giffords fired her first shots since that tragedy near Tucson that changed her life, showing no fear at the clark county shooting range and demonstrating the courage her husband Mark Kelly loves about her.

    The couple, who proclaim themselves proud gun owners, came to Las Vegas during this heat wave to talk about the hot issue of expanding background checks during gun sales. Mark Kelly said, "...but through our research we have found that a lot of criminals buy guns at gun shows and over the internet, and that needs to change."

    Giffords said, "Democrats and Republicans, everyone. everyone, we must do something. Fight. Fight. Fight."

    Giffords was referring to how proposed legislation that would have expanded background checks didn't pass, a few months ago, but even before that, these two started the organization, "Americans for responsible solutions."

    They're going on a seven-state, seven-day tour to bring attention to their cause. Giffords' and Kelly's stop in Nevada didn't end at the range. They then went to the Latin Chamber of Commerce.

    They wanted to talk with business and community leaders. Everyone in the room admitted they already agreed with the couple's stance. That background checks should be tougher, and though they were all on the same page, these guys were glad they got to fire off their concerns to people who are going around the country to listen.

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