Great Video: Motorcyclist returns coffee cup found on bumper to driver while moving

    11:42 AM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- If you've ever left a coffee cup on your car and driven away, you might appreciate the actions of this Good Samaritan.

    Riding on his motorcycle, Nate Bos is used to seeing the gorgeous snow-capped mountains near Orem, Utah. What caught his eye was the snow white of the cup on the black SUV's bumper. He says, "When I saw the cup, I was like, 'This lady's got a cup on her bumper.'"

    To the rescue, Nate gave chase, and then, as if he were picking up at a Starbucks drive through window. He says, "It wasn't a big deal to me, getting close to her, I wasn't that nervous."

    Nate figures he was doing about 40. With his headcam rolling, he says he decided to deliver the cup to the driver on a whim. When she made a turn, he followed her and a few seconds later managed to show her the cup. She saw, but didn't pull over. He says, "I kinda thought it would be cool if able to do handoff while moving. Sure enough she just rolled down her window."

    Nate said he sort of wished she'd taken a drink out of it. But he wasn't insulted that she dumped what looked like milk or milky coffee.

    Of course, there are worse things than a mug that you can accidentally leave on your car. A Seattle police officer drove a few blocks with an assault rifle lying on the trunk.

    A teen mom in Phoenix got arrested when she allegedly left her baby in a car seat on the roof of her car and drove 12 miles. The car seat toppled and was discovered by a motorist at an intersection.

    The baby was fine and the mom pleaded not guilty to child abuse and DUI. Police say she told them she'd just smoked marijuana.

    There was one other time Nate played Good Samaritan from his moving motorcycle. He spotted a Pontiac with a dangling gas cap. He says, "I screwed it in and closed the lid."

    Closing gas caps, returning cups; he's Santa on two wheels.

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