Penn. mom gives birth to record 14 pound baby

    4:51 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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    KITTANNING, PA (CNN/KDKA) -- A mother and her new baby girl may have set a size record at a Pennsylvania hospital. The newborn weighed in at almost 14-pounds!

    The big little baby is named Addyson Gale Cessna and weighs a record thirteen pounds, twelve ounces. Mother Michelle expected her to be on the bigger side but she says, "Not that big. We knew we had a big baby but nowhere near that big. I was guess about ten pounds I wasn't expecting this."

    Daddy Mark says, "I'm just happy that everything is OK."

    The doctors that delivered the baby at Armstrong County Memorial had been charting the girl's size but even they were surprised. Dr. Amy Turner says, "We were thinking around ten-and-a-half eleven pounds or so. Whenever I first got her out I was like, 'oh she's at least twelve pounds.' She was much bigger than we thought."

    Dr. Yannie Narcisse says, "I think that as mothers we all have that initial sort of 'oh my that must have hurt'. And they're right. That's big."

    It was a c-section but she says Michelle did feel some mild discomfort because of the baby's size.

    Addyson's two older brothers JJ and Ryan were also big babies. But they're little sister is the record setter.

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