NLR Police: Woman's wedding ring stolen while she had seizure

    9:33 PM, Aug 6, 2013   |    comments
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    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - North Little Rock police are investigating a case in which it seems a woman's wedding ring was stolen while she was having a seizure.

    "It's a symbol of my husband's and my love for each other, of the time and commitment that we put into our marriage," said Sonya Gibbs, the woman robbed.

    According to an incident report, Gibbs was waiting in line to pay a bill at the North Little Rock City Services building, located at 120 Main Street, on Friday when she fell to the floor and started to have a seizure. The report states that several people attempted to help her. City employees noticed a female helper take the woman's watch, wedding ring, and wedding band off of her hand and placed them inside the seizing woman's purse. Surveillance video from the incident supports the witnesses' account, as it shows a woman taking the jewelry off and putting it in the purse. The video also shows another woman reaching into the purse briefly after the jewelry was placed inside, but it is unclear in the video whether she took anything from it.

    After the seizure, the woman looked in her purse for the jewelry and found her watch and wedding band, but not the diamond wedding ring. Officers also watched her take out the contents of her purse and they did not find the ring.

    City employees noticed that the woman who reached inside of the purse got out of the line she was in to pay a bill when police arrived on scene. Thinking this was suspicious, they took note of the woman's vehicle and license tag.

    "I just ask that they ... just give it back.  Just mail it back to the city service building," said Gibbs.

    Both women involved have been identified, but there have been no charges made in the case.

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