Rep. Griffin questions Exxon leaders on Mayflower oil spill

    5:56 PM, Aug 26, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - It could take several more months for Exxon officials to determine why the Pegasus Pipeline was cracked before it ruptured in Mayflower.

    Company representatives met with local leaders and the media Monday to take questions and concerns about their investigation into the massive oil spill that shook the small central Arkansas town in March.

    Original reports from the company indicated it would take about six months to find the cause of the cracks, but that timeline has been extended to a year.

    "I ask for continued patience as we have the best minds in our company and around the country working on the investigation," said Vice President of Operations Karen Tyrone. Tyrone was joined by two other Exxon officials at the statehouse in Little Rock.

    U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin was vocal about getting answers from the company, who maintains they followed federal guidelines in inspecting the pipeline before the rupture. Griffin asked about whether Exxon goes above and beyond minimum requirements in vulnerable areas such as the Maumelle watershed.

    "I wanna know who's the one that says 'You know one test is enough on this because that's all that's required' versus 'We need to spend a little extra on this 13.7 miles'," he demanded.

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