Success Story: Truett Corbin finds forever home

    1:39 PM, Aug 29, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 started our partnership with the Department of Human Services in late 2009. Once a month we introduce you to a child in need of a loving family.

    We have profiled 107 foster children from across the state. Of those, 59 have been adopted or are on their way to having a forever family.

    This is the story of one teenager who did find a forever family.  His name is Truett Corbin.

    15-year old Truett is your everyday average teenager, but the story he is now willing to share is anything but average.

    "I remember me thinking about my situation constantly and that I had a hopeless situation," Truett says. "Nothing was going right at all. I just thought that my future was hopeless that there was nothing going to save me from this disaster."

    That disaster began two years ago; before he was a big brother, before he ended up here.

    Truett's birth parents and grandparents failed him. He ended up in DHS custody in a foster facility, where he was reportedly assaulted by another child. With a broken jaw and nights spent in the hospital, he was frightened to return. But he had nowhere else to go.

    That's when Alecia and Michael Corbin got the call.

    "It was never on our map to take a teenager," recalls Alecia.  "We were one of those families that wanted to keep our birth order in line and you know birth to age 3, which would keep them under the ages of our children."

    Those birth children are now 10-year-old Gabriel and 7-year-old Naomi.  At the time, the Corbins had also just taken in twin baby girls.

    "But we felt like we were supposed to step up so Michael met the case worker at the hospital and he brought him home that night. He was supposed to be our son," Alecia says. 

    Michael adds, "Taking in a teenager was a big deal, but we just felt like God said you know, I've got this."

    Truett explains what happened next. "So my dad came to the hospital, picked me up, drove to the house and immediately I started feeling all of this stress on my back just relieved. I was at my house."

    From that first night, Truett says he was home. And suddenly, this only child was a big brother, a son with his own room, a safe place to begin the process of healing.

    "I was extremely excited. I got a new last name. A new name completely, a new life, a new start," says Truett.  "God just gave me a completely new way to live."

    "He was a mess when we got him," says Alecia.  "I told him I'd tell you that before he got here. He was like, 'I hope you do, mom.' He was in trouble and not making good grades and had you know been into a lot of stuff, but we just loved him and worked with him, and he went to some counseling, but these children just need families."

    And that is exactly what Truett now has. A brother, three sisters, a mom and a dad and a place he can call home.

    "He has just turned around so much and has just blossomed. He is such a great kid, such a hard worker, so dedicated to his family and to his siblings," says Michael. 

    Alecia adds, "Truitt has a gratitude and a thankfulness that my biological kids will never understand. We need him just as much as he needed us."

    Truett now hoping his story will inspire others to adopt teenagers and will inspire the teens out there who have no home, no family, those often forgotten.

    "I know deep inside they feel like their situation is hopeless," Truett says. "And all they're searching for is for someone to love on them. That they're proud of them. It's okay. Everything is going to be fine."

    The Corbins, who work closely with the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption workers, say their family is not complete and that they will likely adopt more children.  They also work with The Call to find children in need.

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