Officers looking into two Craigslist robberies, could be related

    11:11 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Two Craigslist ads turned into armed robberies in Little Rock, which happened just days apart from each other.

    Police said some of the evidence collected in the investigation indicates these cases are linked but they won't elaborate on anything further.

    The first robbery happened Aug. 24 on the 9000 block of Stagecoach Road. According to the Little Rock Police Department, two men were supposed to meet someone in a parking lot to buy a cell phone they found on the website. When they arrived to the decided location, a man asked them for their money; when they asked for the phone in return, the man pulled out a gun and demanded everything else of value in their possession. He then ran off.

    Police said the person in question was a black male, wearing a black shirt, cream-colored shorts, black shoes, and short hair with a dew rag. Investigators said the manager of the lot said another person was robbed in that same location earlier that day, and one of the people involved left in a silver Volkswagen Rylen.

    The second incident happened Aug. 26 on the 3000 block of Bankhead Drive. Police said two people were trying to buy a Mac laptop and an iPad from someone on Craigslist, but when they arrived, a man tried to open the locked back door of their car and asked them if they were there to buy the electronics. He then directed them to a nearby business to meet a second person; but, when the two drove over, the first man pulled a gun on them and demanded their money, which was valued at $750.

    "Before I knew it, he was right at my window. He had a semi-automatic pistol peaking through the top of my window crack, told me to give him all our money or he would shoot us," Travis Mosler said. "As much as I possibly can, I'm going to avoid Craigslist."

    Mosler said, going forward, if he does have to use Craiglist, he will suggest meeting the seller at a local police department. He's encouraging other Craigslist users out there to do the same.

    The person of interest in the second case is described as a black male weighing at around 140 lbs. and standing at around 5 feet, 7 inches. He was also said to have short hair.

    Officers believe they may be able to obtain surveillance video from the second robbery.

    Little Rock Police Sgt. Cassandra Davis said meeting in parking lots is not always a good idea for these kinds of transactions. She said, if you can, go inside a business where there could be more witnesses to a potential crime. Sgt. Davis also said arrange the meeting on terms that you are comfortable with, and back out if the seller doesn't want to meet them.

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