Must See: Giant gator caught in Mississippi

    5:41 AM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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    JACKSON, MS (CBS/WJTV) -- There's a new record for heaviest gator killed in Mississippi. Three men struggled for hours to pull the beast out of the Mississippi River in Port Gibson. Once they finally got it out of the water, they learned the beastly alligator weighs a whopping 727 pounds.

    At about 13 feet he's not the longest gator ever killed in the state, but he is the heaviest. Tag-holder 27-year-old Dustin Bockman says, "It was about 8 o'clock and it was me, my brother Ryan, and one of my best friends Cole Landers." Cole says, "He marked him with a buoy with the first shot. And we also snagged him with a rod and reel." Ryan adds, "After you get a hook in him then you just have to fight him and wear him out until you can get him up."

    Bockman says, "It was like trying to pull a tree out of the water. It just would go to the bottom and would not move. It didn't matter what you did. It'd just stay there until he decided to move."

    Eventually, the 50-something-year-old gator slipped up but it wouldn't break the surface. Three shots to the back of the head killed it but also earned it a nickname "Elmer". Bockman says, "When you stick a gun in the water and it shoots, the pressure, the gas comes out and it can't come out the end of the barrel. It exploded the gun barrel back like a banana. He said that it looked like Elmer Fudd on the cartoon so he called him 'Elmer'."

    Then the real struggle started. The group had to wait until dawn to find help pulling it from the river.

    Measured by the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks it's officially the top reptile of the magnolia state picked-off by a guy on his first gator hunt. Bockman says, "It's the first one I've ever killed."

    Right now the gator is being kept in deep freeze at a Vicksburg meat processor; a frigid end to the heated battle with completely inexperienced gator hunters.


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