Saline Co. Deputies looking for patrol car that disappeared in May

    8:42 PM, Sep 4, 2013   |    comments
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    BENTON, Ark. (KTHV) - Deputies in Saline County said they have no idea what happened to a sheriff's patrol car that was discovered missing from the fleet in early May.

    "I think it was the first of May when we discovered it was not there," said Lt. Scottie Courtney with the Saline County Sheriff's Department. He said the patrol unit is not currently assigned to a deputy. "Our vehicles are no different from other people's, they can get stolen and broken into."

    He said the patrol unit is a silver, older Dodge Charger decked out with lights and stripes.
    "Best case scenario is one of our reserve deputies has the vehicle for whatever reason, hasn't been to the sheriff's office, and isn't aware that we are looking for the vehicle," said Courtney.

    He said they have checked repair shops, but still no trace of the vehicle. Courtney said there are no weapons in the vehicle, but they are still concerned a person could use it to impersonate an officer.

    "Well of course we're concerned about that," said Courtney.

    He said they keep logs, but said the last person shown to have driven the vehicle returned it.

    "We don't really want to comment on whether or not the cars have any kind of tracking devices for reasons similar to this," said Courtney.

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