Bride-to-be without wedding dress after store closes

    6:16 PM, Sep 18, 2013   |    comments
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    Pictured: Megan Shapley & Shawn Randolph, photo courtesy of the couple.

    HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KTHV) - A Hot Springs couple is searching for answers after they spent nearly $1,000 on a wedding dress in January and now the shop they purchased from is out of business and they're without a dress.

    Common interests brought Megan Shapley and Shawn Randolph together, and the two had an easy and stress-free engagement until this past weekend.

    "Saturday I called her since we were about to schedule alterations and I called her and that's when she told me that her shop was closed. We didn't get any notification before that at all," said Megan Shapley.

    After purchasing it, the young couple thought it would be best to leave the dress at the store, Gayla's Gowns, until they needed it.

    "We didn't' think anything of it to leave it with her, it made sense.  (If we brought) it home, we could've stained it or ripped it," said Randolph.

    Shapley tried to get in touch with the owner of Gayla's Gown in Hot Springs to retrieve the dress the couple paid just under $900 for earlier in the year.

    "And then she gave me the number of her seamstress or the lady who does alterations...well that number was a wrong number so I don't really know what happened there," said Shapley.

    Now the bride to be is without a dress roughly a month from the couple's wedding, which they are paying for themselves.

    Gayla's Gowns is empty and the landlord posted a sign that the property is locked. The couple is running out of options and plan to seek legal action.

    "I just assumed (the dress) was fine, that I didn't have any problems and I assumed that if she did that she would get a hold of me," Shapley said. "She had both of her numbers and I had a contact number for her so I just never, of course never thought something like this would happen." 

    THV 11 reached out to the owner of Gayla's Gown store by phone and email and have not received a response.

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