Armless guitar player shares his inspiration

    8:06 AM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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    MODESTO, CA (CNN) -- By showing how he's overcoming his disability, a musician says he's proving nothing is impossible. A young man who was born without arms has become a guitar player and motivational speaker.

    When you watch George Dennnehy play his guitar, it's effortless, but also a surprise, look closer, the guitar is being played with his feet. He says, "I was born in Romania, and I was born without arms."

    Getting to this point was a struggle. Rejected by his village in Romania at birth, and his family sacrificing their love in hopes he would have a better life. He says, "There's a superstition that when a baby's not born perfect or completely healthy that they were believed to be cursed by God."

    After a year and a half neglected in an orphanage, he was adopted. Life got better, and at 8-years-old, everything changed. He says, "My mom signed me up for music lessons, and I started playing the cello. Then, when I got to be in middle school and high school, I started picking up the guitar and the bass guitar."

    After years of feeling sorry for himself, he had a different perspective. He says, "Every life has a purpose, and God created everyone for a reason."

    Now, music is what keeps his head up. He says, "Music's the only thing I really think I'm okay at. I'm not really good at anything else, so it's just what I do."

    George is traveling the world sharing his story and perspective that changed his life. He says, "I like to go around and tell people that anything's possible, and I don't ever want to hear the words, 'I can't' or 'this is too hard,' 'cause anything's possible."

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